How to Start a Student Moving Business

Need to make extra money while in college? Trying to avoid student loans and debt? A student moving labor business is a fun way to make great money without the trials of a low paying job. In fact, many student movers make up to sixty dollars an hour including tips while enjoying the freedom of running their own business. Here is the inside scoop on breaking into the industry!
You need experience packing a moving truck to start a moving labor business. This is easy to attain. Call a student moving company in your area and let them known you would like to help for a couple of weekends. Moving companies are always looking for hardworking college guys. Pack a couple of moving trucks and you will see that it is pretty straighfoward

After you have moving experience, buy moving equipment. Do not buy a truck. All you need is a furniture dolly, a flat dolly, and a small toolkit with basic hand tools. This should cost under a hundred dollars.

Think about the rates you would like to charge. Local moving labor companies charge by the hour per man. For instance, you could charge $30 per hour for a one man crew, $50 an hour for a two man crew, and $80 for a three man crew. Investigate local competition for insights regarding rates in your area.

Recruit a reliable friend as a crew member. You might want to recruit a few in case one is not available for the exact date you need. Inform all potential crewmembers on what you will pay per hour. Another option is to partner with a friend and split the money evenly.

With experience, equipment, and a crew you are prepared. The last thing you need is a customer. The most effective way to find customers is to advertise online. Try free classifieds sites such as Another good marketing trick is to create flyers, insert them into plastic laminated stands, and drop them off at local storage units.

List your name, contact information, where you go to school, your rates, and equipment on all marketing material. Advertise yourself as a college student + rental truck = cheap moving labor business. This phrase is magic and the formula is the secret to competing with large moving companies and complying with moving regulations. Offer only moving labor; your customers will rent and drive the moving truck.

Inquire into the needs of customers when they contact you. Ask question such as the following: How big of a house or apartment do you have? What is the largest piece of furniture? Are there stairs? Can the moving truck be parked close to the house? What is the desired moving date and start time?

Let the customer know your rates and operating procedure if you think you can handle the job. If the customer has questions about what size of truck to rent, refer them to the rental truck agencies. If an agreement is reached, write down the date, time, customers name, contact information, and all relevant addresses.

Show up promptly on moving day, be courteous, and work hard. People who are moving tend to be stressed. Part of your job will be to stay relaxed and keep the customer calm. At the end of the day, tally up the number of hours worked and multiply it by your rates. That is your payoff. Collect gracefully and let them know you appreciate referrals.

That pretty much covers the student moving labor business. Start off by packing a few trucks with other local student movers, buy the basic equipment, set rates, line up a crew, and start to advertise. Remind clients that they are responsible for the rental truck. Provide great customer service and you will soon have a steady flow of referral business and a smart way to pay for college tuition!